From time to time, the Board of Directors has enacted regulations and policies under the authority of Article III, Section 7 (a) of our CC&Rs (see the next tab for a complete copy of our CC&Rs). The intent is to set realistic ground rules to promote harmonious relations among neighbors, living as we do in such close proximity to each other.

The California Supreme Court recently upheld the right of Associations to govern themselves in this way. In their decision, the justices noted that owners may be required to give up certain rights as a condition of joining an Association of this type. The regulations must be reasonable and are always subject to rejection by a majority vote of our 224 homeowners. The link below is the complete set of the Woodgate Glen regulations.

WWG regulations-rev 9 June 26, 2017


Just as we have done with our regulations, we have set in place certain policies that deal with more legally complex issues: policies governing the collection of assessments, the eradication of termites, and so forth. The following link leads to the policies currently in force at Woodgate Glen and concludes with our Schedule of Fines.