CC&Rs and By-Laws

The initials “CC&R” stand for “Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions,” This document contains the legally binding agreements that each of us agreed to when we purchased our Woodgate home.  A  copy of the CC&Rs is a part of every transfer of title when a home passes out of escrow to a new owner. All Woodgate homeowners need to read and understand the contents of this document.

Click on the link below to access a complete copy, You’ll find a lot of vital information in it—everything from the number and kind of pets allowed on site to the process we would follow if we wanted to dissolve the Association.

The Woodgate Glen Governing Document (CC&R’s)

The By-Laws detail the operations and procedures of the Association.  One might think of the CC&Rs as comparable to a Constitution and the By Laws as the evolving legislation that implements and clarifies the CC&Rs.  Click on the link below to access a complete copy.

Woodgate By-Laws

In 2020, the Board reviewed and revised the Woodgate Glen Owners Association Election, Nomination & Campaign Rule. See Rule –

Election, Nomination and Campaign Rule