Welcome to the Woodgate Glen Homeowners’ website!

The tabs across the top of the page will lead you to information of general interest about our Association.  The “Agenda” tab posts Board Meeting agendas as soon as they are available each month.  The “Finances” tab leads to a copy of our annual budget and other interesting details on our financial health.  The “Newsletter” tab opens a copy of the most recent Newsletter.  Suggestions on ways to contact us are found at the “Contact Us” tab, etc.

None of this replaces our previous means of contacting you.  Agendas will still be posted each month North of the gate at the pools.  Newsletters will still be mailed to every homeowner and tenant.  Finances will still be discussed at the Annual Meeting and in the Newsletters.

This site does bring all this information together where it cannot be mislaid or lost.  It provides an overview of the business and activities at Woodgate.  All in one place.

We welcome your suggestions for improvement.  That could be a good, first use of the “Contact Us” link.

We hope you find these pages informative and enjoyable.

The Woodgate Glen Board of Directors

Things We’ve Done Lately

  • Progressing with the plan for a fence along the gravel path at the rear of the complex. This is continuing to progress slowly.
  • Six dog bag stations are now installed .
  • 1/2019 Gutter and roof cleaning underway..
  • 3/2019  Further sidewalk work has begun on Gate Way and will proceed throughout the complex.
  • 2/2019 Horizontal siding replacement continues.
  • 2/2019 Water Meter Replacement by City of Santa Rosa. Should now be done.
  • 3/29/2019Electronic Gate entry system installation at pools in progress. Owners will be notified shortly as to how and when to pickup the new electronic key fobs. These will open the pool and the pool restrooms.
  • 3/26/2019 Siding is being replaced at the Pool House.
  • 3/2019 Planting has resumed along parts of Wall Place and Old Field.
  • 5/8/2019 We spent time on four different days handing out the new pool “keys”; the old metal keys no longer work. If you did not pickup your key or if it does not work you will need to contact our Management Company – Focus Realty. Ask to speak with Melissa.