Woodgate Glen Budget

Woodgate Glen 2023 Budget

About our Property

Woodgate Glen, in Santa Rosa, California, is an Association of 224 homeowners. The complex is situated on the South side of West 3rd Street between the Stony Point shopping center and the J. X. Wilson Elementary School.

Woodgate Glen homes are accessed by three streets that intersect West 3rd:  Wall Place, Gate Way, and Harvest Lane.  A fourth street, Oldfield Way, connects Wall Place and Gate Way within the complex.  These streets lie wholly within the complex except for Harvest Lane which extends to Occidental Road through an emergency access only connection.

Our homes are distributed in 55 buildings, as follows:

  • 19 buildings of three homes each
  • 18 buildings of four homes each
  • 10 buildings of five homes each
  • 6 buildings of six homes each
  • 1 building of seven homes
  • 1 building of two homes

We are a registered corporation, governed by the provisions of Title 6 of the California Civil Code (the “Davis-Stirling” Act).